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Demilitarize McGill in 2013-14

Be on the lookout for new Demilitarize Sticker - SWPG 2013McGill stickers around campus! Want to get involved in what we’re doing? We’re always open to new people coming to a meeting, proposing an action or an event, or joining our ongoing projects. Write us at [email protected].

This year, our group has already grown in size, and we’ll be meeting regularly throughout the fall and winter. We intend to build on last year’s successes in researching McGill’s military ties, sharing information with students and the public, and beginning to directly contest the University’s role in the development of the knowledge and technologies that assist the managers of imperialist wars.

Together, we can build our capacity to disrupt military research at McGill!

On thin ice

Published September 13, 2013 in the McGill Daily

It is a matter on which the authority of Empire tends to go uncontested – that of establishing which means of indiscriminate killing are acceptable and which are not. Sarin gas, bad; drones armed with Hellfire missiles, generally alright.

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