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Uncovering McGill’s military research

Hyde Park commentary in the McGill Daily – February 15, 2007

By Cleve Higgins

I was glad to see the Daily’s question to Heather Munroe-Blum last week regarding military research at McGill – it is an issue that those in power at our university should not be allowed to ignore.

In response to the question, Munroe-Blum explained that McGill has a policy governing military research, then explained that the current military contracts seem harmless. It’s true; McGill does have a policy (the Regulations on Research Policy), but it has large holes that make it inapplicable to significant aspects of military involvement in university research. Our Principal reported that the military research covered under the policy seemed harmless. However, the problem is the military research that the policy ignores; research the Principal would not likely be aware of because it goes unreported. Continue Reading →

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