Demilitarize McGill organizes walking tour

By Farid Rener, published March 18, 2013 in the McGill Daily

A walking tour of locations where McGill conducts military research started at 3690 Peel, home to McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL), on Thursday. The tour – organized by a new incarnation of Demilitarize McGill, a student group that has been dormant since 2010 – was attended by approximately 15 students.

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Welcome to the new Demilitarize McGill website!

Demilitarize McGill gets a furlough

By Peggy Curran, published 2010/02/09 in University City (Montreal Gazette)

The campaign to Demilitarize McGill will live to fight another day.

Or at least another month.

McGill is citing a procedural glitch for postponing a vote at Wednesday’s Senate meeting on a controversial rewrite of the university’s ethics guidelines for research.

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Bombs on Campus

Published February 11, 2010 in The Montreal Mirror
Campus peaceniks at McGill are preparing for war. The casus belli: weapons research done by the university’s scientists that will now be unrestricted by a 23-year regulation designed to make such research transparent and open to public scrutiny.

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McGill reconsiders restrictions on research tied to military

Research policy still in flux

New policy is too vague on ethics, according to student representatives
By Stephanie Law

February 11, 2010, The McGill Daily

The absence of restrictions on potentially harmful research in the new Regulations on Conduct of Research policy continued to raise concerns in Senate on Wednesday.

The new policy was originally up for approval at Wednesday’s Senate meeting, but due to an administrative oversight, the policy was only briefly discussed. McGill Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) Denis Thérien explained that the Academic Policy Committee must approve the policy before it is brought to Senate, which had not been done yet.

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Demilitarize McGill urges Senators to vote NO for proposed research policy

(Français plus bas)
Students and community members are distressed by changes proposed in the Regulation on the Conduct of Research – a policy statement that governs the conduct of all research taking place at McGill. The policy up for approval has been the subject of extensive criticism and involves the complete removal of a section requiring transparent reporting on research receiving military funding. A votefor approval of the policy will take place in Senate at approximately 15h00 on Wednesday February 10th in Leacock Building Room 232. Concerned students and community members will be in attendance. Continue Reading →

Don’t sell our integrity

By Nikki Bozinoff
Published: 11/30/09

In a November 23 interview with The Daily, Principal Heather Munroe-Blum shrugged off the fact that her administration is determined to remove sections of McGill’s research policy that require transparent reporting on all research receiving military funding. If the military is looking for new signs has a great variety and great prices.

“We have so many protocols that govern the ethics of the research that we do, that this would take the onus off of us to review our own research proposals,” she said.
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Opt-in Ethics? QPIRG-McGill and Demilitarize McGill Present Student Papers on Militarization and Research Ethics

Version française suivra: SVP faire circuler dans vos réseaux

Opt-in Ethics? QPIRG-McGill and Demilitarize McGill Present Student
Papers on Militarization and Research Ethics

Friday, November 27th
Shatner Building
3480 McTavish
Clubs Lounge, 4th Floor
5:15 PM

Cleve Higgins and Nikki Bozinoff will be presenting works they have
completed in the past year on military research at McGill and policies
for the regulation of this research:

–> From Bibliographies to Battlefields: Military Research at McGill
from 1967–2007
Cleve Higgins, Demilitarize McGill

–>Laissez-innover? Unpacking Research Policies in Canada
Nikki Bozinoff, QPIRG Research Stipend Recipient
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Principal talks on military research and tuition


[audio[email protected]/4059-1-hmb.mp3]

The Daily sits down with Heather Munroe-Blum to discuss campus issues

By Humera Jabir, published Nov 23 in the McGill Daily

In a week of engagement with the student body, Principal and Vice Chancellor Heather Munroe-Blum met with campus media to field questions on critical issues that impact the McGill community. The principal responded to questions on military research, tuition fees, and the future of McGill as a vehicle-free campus.

Early this month, the administration announced that it would lift regulations on military-related research. The Daily asked the principal to account for the change in policy, and to explain why regulations which were previously accepted would no longer be applied. Continue Reading →